Taco Bell Explore



In 2015, my eROI colleagues and I pitched a narrative-driven strategy for Taco Bell Explore.

Our vision for Taco Bell's new social media-based loyalty program met young Taco Bell fans on their turf, flipping the traditional buy-more-stuff loyalty model on its head.

Our early creative sessions revolved around the concepts of movement and adventure and the belief that life is meant to be pursued.

We essentially turned loyalty into an ongoing game.

Their manifesto, which I wrote, sums up our idea.

My insights about user engagement drove our creative sessions, informed our pitch and, most importantly, helped solidify our reputation with this new client. 

Taco Bell Explore gained over 50,000 users during soft-launch—even before it was officially announced.

Taco Bell: Explore 1
Taco Bell Explore 3
Taco Bell Explore 4