How does a $2B fast-food brand stay relevant, true to its fans and true to its voice in digital space? 

Since 2016, my team at eROI has been helping Taco Bell solve that problem. As writer and content strategist, it's my problem too.

Our pitch for Taco Bell’s social media-based loyalty program turned loyalty into an ongoing adventure game called Taco Bell Explore. I wrote their manifesto; my insights on user engagement drove our creative sessions, inspired our pitch and strengthened our rep with our then-new client.

Taco Bell Explore gained over 50,000 users during soft-launch, even before it was officially announced.

Our ongoing work aligns Taco Bell’s app, site, emails, and app notifications (push and SMS) while helping Taco Bell understand, analyze and navigate their vast ocean of user data. Specifically, I’ve been helping Taco Bell elevate their "genius stoner" voice (my words), harmonize their brand with their digital channels, and create meaningful stories from our data insights. 

Content strategy
Brand voice
Story concept