i'm a writer and narrative designer.

my work blends data-rich content strategy, brand identity and UX writing.


My bullshit radar is strong.


Story concept
Narrative design


In early 2017 with eROI, I helped pitch a new email campaign for Converse.

Recently acquired by the swoosh, Converse needed to keep its hard-won relationship with its core fans while inspiring the next generation. 

I wore Cons throughout high school and college. I didn't want to see them lose street cred.

Guided by my story concept that blends Converse's historical tradition with cutting-edge focus, our team designed a narrative-rich message strategy. Product touts are subsumed by generous editorial content across five themes. Copy and image work together to first inspire users, then encourage transactions. In its entirety, the campaign reflects (and leans heavily on) Converse's legacy in pop culture, self-expression, and the street.

In addition to developing our concept, I outlined and edited our pitch and wrote two mock emails as proofs of concept. 

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